Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it really possible to get the best results from one brief workout per week?

Yes, as a matter of fact, a few might even do better with one. It has been proven that results are directly related to INTENSITY. High-intensity training greatly depletes the body’s valuable resources and causes muscle cell disruption. The recourses must be replaced and the muscle cells re-synthesized before results can be produced by the body.

Q: Why not do longer workouts?

Since INTENSITY is the stimulus, any attempt to train longer MUST result in a reduction in intensity, reducing any potential benefit.

Q: What is the science behind The Slow Method Workout?

During a set of fatiguing strength training contractions (within 1-2 minutes for example), as we approach failure, the larger glycolytic fibers will fatigue and produce less force. As the larger, higher force producing glycolytic fibers begin to decline, the ability of the muscle, as a whole, to produce force is reduced. When the muscle’s force production capability is reduced to the resistive force of the load, movement stops. We reach muscle exhaustion and with the proper amount of rest, our musculoskeletal system adapts and we get stronger.

Q: What is The Slow Method?

Slow strength training (aka-Slow Burn, SuperSlow, Power of 10) is a form of high intensity training (HIT). It is a system of exercise that maximizes the 3 stimuli responsible for the results you desire. The first is the microscopic muscle tears that occur during the slow & controlled movement speed until complete exhaustion (muscular strength). The second is the metabolic enzyme activity that results from high exertion with the largest muscles of the body (cardiovascular capacity and metabolic rate). The third is emphasizing the stretched position of the muscle to induce greater strength and injury protection.

Q: Will it make me bulky?

Odds are it’s highly unlikely. Most men and virtually every woman lack the genetic make up to become overly muscular. Most people who complain about being too bulky are carrying too much fat. What they need MOST is more muscle to help them become leaner and tone.

Q: Will it help me lose weight?

It will help you lose FAT! When a person embarks on a weight loss program without strength training they inevitably lose both muscle and fat. This results in a slower metabolism, which, when the diet is over will result in greater weight gain than you started with. XNTRX combined with a modest calorie reduction will produce better results than any other method. Especially if you intend to keep it off.