Your brain is the central command center for how your body moves. Without your brain sending signals to your muscles, you wouldn’t be able to move. Throughout our evolution as a species it’s been extremely important for us to be mobile. For centuries we needed to gather food, avoid danger and be able to do that fun thing (which got us all here in the first place)……reproduce so we can pass our genetic material onto future generations. With all of this in mind, it’s no surprise that our bodies are highly adaptable to be able to continue moving, even to our detriment in the long term. The subtle changes in our muscle movement over time will eventually wreak havoc on our joints, tendons and ligaments. These abnormal movement patterns that we’ve “adapted” to because of a loss of strength, poor posture, injuries and/or surgeries have indeed benefited us in the short term but will eventually come back to haunt us with meniscus tears, hip surgeries and possibly even catastrophic falls for some of us (god forbid).

So how do you get your brain and muscles to work together? You begin by identifying all of your asymmetries and then start making yourself more symmetrical. Does your left hip have the same range of motion as your right hip? Does your left shoulder flex, extend, internally and externally rotate similarly to your right shoulder? You should consider working with a strength & conditioning coach that knows how to identify physical limitations and that can sort out whether your abnormal movement patterns are a result of a mobility or stability problem. I assure you that if you take the time to identify and correct these asymmetries, you’ll improve the communication between your brain and body.

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