Human growth hormone (somatotropin) is a protein made up of a chain of 191 amino acids (the building blocks of protein) and is secreted by the pituitary gland. We have a ton of HGH in childhood but it depletes as we age. A safe way to get your body to naturally produce more HGH is with KAATSU. This revolutionary training technique from Japan has a safe track record and it won’t make your body feel like you just ran a marathon (the workouts are hard but without the usual muscle damage like after traditional workouts). HGH makes your skin glow, body lean, decreases fat and strengthens our bones. It also protects our internal organs from the shrinkage that happens with age.

KAATSU has been vetted using Doppler Ultrasound to monitor blood flow during exercise (remember, KAATSU is NOT occlusion training). High pressure liquid chromotography has also been used with KAATSU to document changes inside cells and the body’s metabolism. Here’s how KAATSU works… with a mini computer and capillary refill time, a KAATSU specialist establishes the optimal pressure of the pneumatic bands on your upper arms and legs. The KAATSU CYCLE option takes you through 4-8 consecutive 20 seconds ON and 5 seconds OFF increasing pressures. This option is great for beginners to KAATSU and for those of you that need a quick, post-workout recovery. Since KAATSU accelerates the healing time of musculoskeletal damage, you can go right back to your favorite activities sooner!

The KAATSU WORKOUT option takes place after a short KAATSU CYCLE and consists of workouts with light weights or body weight movements. KAATSU EXERCISE makes you feel like you’re doing an exhaustive workout but the workout itself is NOT damaging to your musculoskeletal system. This is why it can be done on a more frequent basis and you can get results faster because you don’t have to dig yourself out of a hole, like with traditional heavy, multiple set workouts.

HGH will give you…

Greater energy and stamina.
Deeper, more restful sleep.
Improved measures of fitness.
Better muscle to fat body composition ratios.
Elevated mood and sense of well-being.
Improved bone density.
Smoother, softer skin

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