Have you ever witnessed this scenario? Someone who’s know to workout a lot and looks incredibly strong but in actuality isn’t very strong? Of course there may be other variables that come into play but one of the main reason’s could be that person has weak neuromuscular control. Neuromuscular means your brain and muscles working together. In order for you to move your brain has to “fire” or send signals to muscles since they’re attached to bone via tendons, they pull on your skeletal system to create movement.

The human body is amazing that it will do whatever it takes to keep you moving. Remember from an evolutionary standpoint it’s in our best interest to remain mobile so we can get food, shelter, water and also not to become food! Altering motor control temporarily is OK for acute situations where we need to be mobile but long term it will wreak havoc on your joints. So first things first, you must get a movement screen in order to determine what stability/mobility issues you have. Once you have a diagnosis, you can begin working on correcting your abnormal movement patterns.

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